Week 33 Update - August 16

downpayment.gift was featured on the Pioneer Livestream last week with Daniel Gross (founder of Pioneer.app, former YC Parnter). The first 12 minutes or so is them reaction (or roasting) are pitch deck. Great feedback to simplify the deck and the overall business model.

Changing models

We are moving away from the long sales cycle ‘embedded’ fintech model and selling a SaaS subscription to a Lead Marketplace with Graduated Pricing and credits system. We may end up back at the whitelabeled, embedded tools for online, digital lending, but for now… we are not going to make it harder to sell than it has to be.

So our goto market now is all about End User, Home Buyer, acquisition and signups. This is our supply and our primarily focus going forward. We’ll be launching a waitlist for the Leads Marketplace and soliciting feedback from consumer direct lenders.