Week 19 Update - May 10

This week was not a code, feature week. That has extended into the following Week 20 too.

Pitch deck updates

I updated the business (ack.. investor) pitch deck that I created in late September in pasteapp.com …mostly removing text and changing animations, videos or scripting. Tried to remove text bits to make it work better as a presentation slide deck vs a readable email PDF.

Show them, Don’t Tell them

Recorded 30 second product tour to “Show them the product in the first 15 seconds” to fit the style of pitching on Day 1. I amazingly did this in only 45 minutes before I presented. I tried to export to GIF, but my tools kept crashing in trying to generate a file with a lower res and fps… so I ended up with 1080p mp4 instead. This ended up working out as I paused it at the very beginning manually to let my scripting catch up with the video itself. This resulted in the addition to my pitch being more like 40 seconds! So the end result, and due lack of practice, I did not complete my slides… I was at least 30-60secs short. So in the video, I got the hook!!! LOL It did not impact my rating in the end… and they did not tear into me for going too long. At one point, I knew I was not could to make it… and was flying through slides.

Founder.university presentation

I pitched first on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 on Founder.University Zoom call with about 300-350 attendees.

downpayment.gift was well received by judges….

…rank number 1 in my co-hort and selected as most venture or first to reach $100m in revenue at a reasonable margin. Thumbs up. I agree!

I shared this with a friend in my Microconf mastermind group… he said if I was getting that type of reception, maybe I should raise a bunch of money and “YOLO it.”

I must be too old. I have to look up Yolo It in the Urban Dictionary and elsewhere. (You only live once…)

Moving on…

Screenshare to practice demo product motions

I recorded a bunch of product tours on SendSpark screen share. These were super quick and dirty… and mostly practice for the product motions I want to demo on sales content webinars.

For example:

How to sign up as a Client

Committed to Helen and my Microconf mastermind to getting 10 home buyers running registries on the app (they feel I’m too focused on partners). I don’t disagree. This SaaS/quasi marketplace cold-start problem is kinda hard.

Worked on Google Slides for sale deck - big update next Week!! Really happy with how this is shaping up.

No code this Week!