Week 13 Update - March 29

Here is a rough list of dev activity in the last week. A few key fixes… but the most exciting thing is the new website starting.

Start new main website!!!

Update Roadmap URLs. Need to update the content on the Public and Partner roadmap to make sure it’s keeping pace. Focusing on bigger items on these resources.

Minor UI fix: no caching Old Password in Profile -> Password changes

Partner Trial Webhook. Explored using Invite system in peerboard to generate login and trial users. Looked at other content ideas with existing bulk member invites, like tribe.so, webinars, or private podcasts.

Fix and update legacy paperform webhooks for new client, new partners

CSS font weight changed for Resources box in dashboard

CSS Changes for Resources section font and weight. Bigger more readable

Fixed a bug in Onboarding Demo registry create. This was something that got missed in the webhooks that was done from the UI interface. Oops.

Change Recaptcha to disable button on submit for Login, new Account forms

GetGist changes

  • change GetGist Chat app instance
  • requires moving kb.downpayment.gift articles. TODO
  • update adds workflow automation messages options
  • still have client version vs partner version
  • calling identify() only in certain places - new account, login based on created_at and last_sign_in;
  • calling shutdown() on logout

Add to email moved into production. Swagger wrapper of REST api called to push emails to email service provider.

Fix edge case in newpartner, newclient registrations where missing trailing slash and missing id did not generate correct URL from cookie, defaults.

Fix Dashboard Back button behavior in Edit and Preview for Client, Partner

return_id links for community links into peerboard. user is directed to the correct place.

Redirect partners.downpayment.gift for now.

Research JSON -> data page generate for Partner page generation and for exporting list of registry/campaign pages for directory or search.