Week 12 Update - March 22

This week we added a drop down “hello bar” style notification to the app. This will be used for urgent messages or offers. The first application is to tell partners to confirm or Verify their Free Trial account through our third-party shopping cart. Once a Partner creates an account, requiring only 3-fields, First, Last and Email, they will see the Onboarding Co-Branding Form followed by the main partner dashboard. After 5 seconds, a hello bar pops down from the top reminding them to Verify their free account.

hellobar style banner with Free Trial confirmation

When they click on this message, it takes them to a “pre-filled” checkout page on the external shopping cart. They should not need to do anything but click Verify. If they skipped their Company name (Lender or Business name) in Onboarding, that field will be blank.

The checkout page should be a few bullets about the Free Trial, a generous 6-months at the launch of our app. It does not require any form of payment and shows as a One-Time purchase with no renewal.

The benefit for us is that we create additional profile information in our subscription billing system. In the order signup, we already created a customer ID in Stripe, but this actually creates a Trial subscription in the cart’s database… which is obviously helpful for metrics and reminders about buying an Annual Subscription offer before the end of the Trial.

Other notables:

  • Hellobar
  • Thrivecart autofill
  • Thrivecart hellobar and subscription create (for trial)
  • sign_up_status webhook
  • clean up thrivecart and funnels
  • setup DPP blog (this), podcast
  • social graphics “waves” theme, matching this blog’s current theming

Webinar rehashing:

monthly goal was 40 webinars; haven’t done one (keep in mind that my annual goal was 500); promised my mastermind call to complete 6 webinars before April 1st.