Exploring the total market for down payment gift registries

We did some exhaustive research using social media data to find the approximate number of Engaged and Newly Engaged prospects exist in the US on major social media platforms and this is what we learned.

Total Engaged in US:


Newly Engaged, last 12 months:


How Many Engaged or Newly Engaged are there in the US?

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Q: What does Newly Engaged mean?

Newly Engaged for the social media research indicated they declared themselves as “Engaged” for relationship status in the last 12 months, 6 months, or 3 months.

Q: What does Engaged mean?

Engaged is the number of social media users in our research that declared themselves as “Engaged” for relationship status.

Q: How do you reach these prospects?

It’s simple, we run paid social ads for the down payment registry for our partners.

Q: What is the purpose?

The purpose of this deep dive is to scope the opportunity to run paid social ads on a local level.

Q: Do you have City and County data?

That’s the next step, publishing maps to explore the addressable audience of Engaged and Newly Engaged prospects in the US by City, County or MSA (metro service area).

We’ll be rolling those out a few at a time and contacting local lenders and mortgage brokers to find Partners as we go.

If you a interested in the data on a specific area, reach out at hello@downpayment.gift.

Q: What about Hawaii and Alaska?

We got you covered. Here is Hawaii and Alaska:

Q: How did you assemble the research?

We made a short timelapse video during that research.

Q: What platforms are you looking at for this research?

For this research, we focused on Facebook and Instagram. In the future, we’ll look at complementary data sources from Google, Youtube, Pinterest and others.

Q: How do I sign up?

It’s easy to get started, click on your State and Click “Become a Partner” and fill our the forms. Or just click here

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Making of:

How did we make the time lapse video above?

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