This is how we should do onboarding

I was looking a new SaaS for video editing, specifically aimed at editing webinar recordings, called Milk.Video.


They have a pretty clean and elegant onboarding or welcome screen. It’s almost like a full page “slider” with some app function built in and animated GIFs if you don’t take the first option to actually upload a video.

I like how there is no option to “jump out” of the welcome screen but it’s a few simple steps. You can see at the bottom how many steps are to come. You are not required to upload a “test” or “demo” video at this point either… it gives you animated GIFs on the next screens.

I like how it’s a basic primer on the app. I like how it’s not a video and not a tour of the app. Most people hate these product tours noadays. They have become too common and most people Skip or X out to the app ASAP.

I do think one of the other methods that works well is an onboarding checklist that tracks your initial actions and checks them as complete in the widget, page or sidebar. JIRA has an interesting looking sidebar checklist that I would like to explore.

JIRA's quickstart sidebar checklist

The checklist approach leverages the commitment and consistency principles. In other words, the urge to complete a checklist given before us.